All men want bigger penises. Not only does it hold prestige and boost confidence, a longer penis helps to satisfy your partners’ sexual desires. Although penis length is related to genetics, you can enhance your shaft through a couple of simple exercises.

The Simple Stretch

Do this when your penis is flaccid, never erect. Take your penis in your thumb and forefinger, just below the head. Slowly and gently stretch your penis downward for 30 seconds. Repeat this, stretching it forward, upward, left and right. Hold it for 30 seconds in each position. Breathe deeply and fully while doing this, as it opens the blood vessels, increasing oxygen and blood flow to the penis. Repeat this in the morning and evening and you will start to see results quickly.

The Helicopter

This exercise also needs to be done with a flaccid penis. Swing your member in a 360 degree motion while breathing deeply into your belly. This increases blood flow to the penis. Swing it both clockwise and anti-clockwise twice a day, every day.

Kegel Exercises

Not only for women, Kegel exercises helps to improve bladder control and sexual stamina while also increasing length and girth by strengthening the penis muscles. Contract the PC muscle (the muscle in between the testicles and anus). Contract while breathing in slowly, hold for 20 seconds, and slowly relax while, breathing out. You can do this anywhere and everywhere without anyone noticing, and it is perhaps the most effective method!

If you want a long penis, you have to do the work. Bear in mind, that while this takes time for permanent results, doing these exercises just before sex will improve performance and size temporarily too!

3 Exercises to Increase Penis Length

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