Every day we make choices to do things that are bad for our body. While we often know the negative effects of these things on our heart, lungs, and weight, we rarely consider how they affect our penis size and sexual performance. Here are some big no-nos that are considerably shrinking your penis and having damaging effect on you sexual prowess.


Smoking constricts the flow of blood around the body. Considering a healthy, full erection depends on blood flow, smoking stops you from being able to get blood all the way to the tip of the penis. This can lead to a slightly soft or smaller erection, or impotence all together.

Being Overweight

When we are overweight, there is a lot of fatty tissue in our bodies. Not only does it show through visible fat, this fat clogs the arteries and sits around the organs. Clogged arteries prevent the flow of blood around the body. As above, this constriction of blood flow directly effects your penis’ ability to perform, as well as its size.

Sleep Deprivation

Strangely enough, sleep is a great time for penis training. Most men have quite a few erection in the night which can last around half an hour. In that time, the muscles that help you to gain an erection are working out and gaining strength. When you deprive yourself of sleep, your penis doesn’t get this workout. Not only does this mean you cannot hold a solid erection for as long when you are having sex, it also means the muscles are weaker, giving the appearance of a smaller penis.

Living a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy, strong penis. This improves sexual stamina, libido, and girth and length. Try working on these three things to give your penis a little loving, tender care.

3 Unusual Poor Habits That Affect Your Penis Size

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