Having a girthy penis can ensure that you are giving your partner a fuller sexual experience. While many people understand the effects of good exercise to increase penis girth, few understand the benefits of dietary changes. Try eating more of the following foods to see an increase in the thickness of your penis.


Incredibly, many foods that look like our body parts are good for them. Bananas are rich in potassium which is great for improving heart health and circulation, while also keeping sodium levels low. By eating bananas, this helps to get a healthy flow of blood to the penis, increasing its thickness and keeping your erection harder for longer.


Oysters are well-known as an aphrodisiac, improving your libido levels. However, what many people don’t realize is that the influx of zinc and Vitamin B6 have quick effects on the release of testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone enable large amount of blood to flow to the penis, increasing its girth considerably.


Pork is loaded with thiamine. Thiamine is vital for a healthy nervous system. By improving the functioning of the nervous system, your body is able to send signals more quickly around the body. These quick-fire reactions enable your brain to send messages to your penis more easily, keeping it fuller and harder for longer, increasing both length and girth.


The color of cherries is derived from the incredible amount of good chemicals in them that help to break down the fatty plaque in your arteries. This helps to free up space in the arteries for blood to flow through more easily. This improves circulation, which helps to widen the member as blood.

Gaining girth is easier than you think with the correct foods in your diet. Try incorporating these in the long-term but also just before sex for a quick boost in thickness.

4 Foods for Thicker Penis Girth

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