5 Penis Enlargement Exercises You Can Do in 5 Minutes

Get the most out of Biomanix with these simple penis enlargement exercises!

One of the inspirations when formulating Biomanix was the different penis enlargement exercises that men do in hopes of making their penis larger. While ineffective, these exercises gave us the idea that there is something common in all penis enlargement exercises and products – the manipulation of blood flow. That became the basis of our Biomanix formula, and we pushed forward with the idea until we were able to develop a bulletproof formula that would work with or without doing any exercise or using any device.

You might ask – why are we sharing penis enlargement exercises if our penis enlargement pill works? Here’s the simple answer – we believe that you should get the most out of your experience with Biomanix, and if there are several exercises that can help you out, then why not? Make no mistake, Biomanix works whether you do these exercises or not, but it could help you get better gains, or even increase your maximum size when you do these exercises. Here are some of the penis enlargement exercises that you can do in just 5 minutes:

  1. Kegel exercises
  2. Kegel exercises are exercises taught by doctors and physical therapists in order to regain control of a leaky bladder. The idea is to identify the muscles that control urination in order to strengthen them and regain control. The idea is simple – when urinating, just simply stop the flow of urine before you empty your bladder. If you are able to do that, then you have just contracted the right muscles. These muscles not only help you gain control over your bladder, these muscles get bigger and stiffer over time. Unlike other exercises that work on blood flow, kegel exercises work on actual muscles in your penis, which makes your penis appear thicker over time.

  3. Jelqing
  4. 1-bJelqing is a maneuver that controls the blood in the penis through a hand motion similar to milking a cow. Hence the term Jelqing.  When done right, jelqing can help speed up the process of penis enlargement. Although several reports claim that jelqing can help increase penis size on its own, a more focused study revealed that jelqing and other forms of penis enlargement exercise depend largely on the healthy blood circulation of the user. To perform jelqing, pinch the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger, then slowly move your pinch to the tip of your penis. Do this in succession for 5 minutes every day to increase penis size.

  5. Base squeeze
  6. The base squeeze is a much safer form of another method called ‘clamping’ which some people say is an effective way to increase penis girth. However, clamping is highly-dangerous as it risks nerve damage and penile tissue damage. The idea is to increase pressure in the corpora cavernosa to increase penis size. To do a base squeeze, bring your penis to a normal erection, and then pinch the base, similar to jelqing – but do not move the pinch. Instead, squeeze while you do kegel exercises.

  7. Flaccid flex
  8. Much of penis enlargement has something to do with flexibility. To improve the flexibility of the muscles in your penis, you can do a flaccid flex. To do a flaccid flex, you need to stretch your flaccid penis to a point that it is tolerable, then place your fingers underneath the base of your shaft, and then gently bend your penis downwards. Hold the position for 1 minute, and then rest for another minute. Alter the bending position to bend the penis to the side and upwards. Repeat daily for best results.

  9. The Shake
  10. 1-aYou know that little shake we do after we take a pee? As it turns out, it can contribute to penis enlargement as long as you do it right. Simply grip the base of your penis moderately, and shake your penis rapidly in a circular motion. In theory, this exercise pushes the blood to the tip of your penis to make it bigger. While these exercises are quite easy to perform, you cannot expect to have the same results as opposed to taking the real thing. Biomanix enhances the blood flow from the inside, which is the only thing that matters. For best results, you can do any of these exercises while taking Biomanix regularly and get the best results!

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    5 Penis Enlargement Exercises You Can Do in 5 Minutes

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