5 Ways to Get Your Partner in The Mood

Prepare for hot, intimate nights with your partner by mastering the 5 ways to get your partner in the mood!

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re ready to go but your partner isn’t in the mood to have sex? We’ve spoken to some of our Biomanix customers, and we have uncovered that cold partners are one of the challenges that they had to deal with after taking Biomanix. After all, taking Biomanix greatly increases the user’s libido, and there’s only one way to take care of that.

Thankfully, going solo isn’t the only way to satisfy yourself. Sexual urges  are better satisfied with a partner, and all you need is to understand the triggers that make your partner go from cold to steamin’ hot in just minutes. We have compiled some tips that would help you get your partner in the mood so you can make the most out of your Biomanix experience.

Here are 5 ways to get your partner in the mood:

  1. Pain medication
  2. Pain meds, really? We figured that it’s best to start with a curveball to get your attention. No, we’re not talking about strong pain meds that knock ‘em out good. We’re talking about mild pain medicine that you take to get rid of headaches and mild muscle aches. Chances are, your partner isn’t in the mood because of something that dominates their subconscious. Most of the time, you get stress, headaches, and muscle pain. You’d be surprised at how many people get headaches that they are not aware about. Offer a mild aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen to smooth the edge out, and you’d be surprised at how she bounces back once the pain is gone.

  3. Massage
  4. 2-bNothing beats a good sensual massage after a day’s work. For women, a sensual massage is a balance of seduction and comfort that rarely ever works. Use that in your favor. Time the massage just right, and make sure that it is sensual. Many go through massages with the idea of comfort, and that’s great – BUT never leave out being sensual. A little kiss on the back, or a graze on her inner thighs would let her know that you’re up to something other than giving her a nice back rub.

  5. Naughty text messages
  6. Many women won’t be able to go from cold to hot in an instant, and for these women, you need to start working on your game even before you meet. Try to insert a little innuendo on your text messages and see how she responds. Try not to be too intense or aggressive with your text messages, and think twice before you send that dick pic. Go slow, and just continue where you left off with your text messages when you get together.

  7. Watch raunchy videos
  8. Who said that women do not like porn? Some women get turned on by porn, but not in the same way as men. For most of us men, porn feeds into our fantasy, while for women – it reminds them of the pleasure of sex. Factor that into your choice of videos, and let it work its magic.

  9. Sweat a little bit
  10. 2-aAccording to studies, pheromones are released through sweat. Pheromones are the odorless chemical that sends signals to your mate to make you aware of a biological compatibility, and it works both ways. That’s the reason why some women smell really nice when sweaty, and that’s also why visual cues of sweaty women turn men on. Biomanix contains a load of testosterone-boosting ingredients that greatly enhance your pheromone release. By sweating a little bit, you get to release more pheromones, which would get picked up by your mate. Just be sure that you shower afterwards, since the bacteria in your sweat gives off nasty body odor that no amount of pheromones would mask.That’s it! We hope you enjoyed our list. These are just some guidelines based on what we have gathered from the input of our experts and our readers. It’s still best for you to try and understand what makes your partner cold.Cold partners are particularly rare for a user of Biomanix, since sex is particularly mind-blowing for women. Once you get yourself back in the horse, you can be sure that once she’s hot, she’s never getting cold again!

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5 Ways to Get Your Partner in The Mood

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