Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work?

Biomanix gives you the low-down on Penis Enlargement and how it REALLY works.

We’ve always been asked the question – DO PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS WORK? And we always answer with – not all pills are created equal.

Before we created Biomanix, we also asked the same question. We’ve had our fair share of fake products and shady scams, and we started questioning if penis enlargement is really possible. Our initial research about penis enlargement is quite underwhelming. According to several credible health websites, penis enlargement is not possible. According to WebMD, “Almost none of it works. The few approaches that can work often have modest benefits and serious side effects. How serious? In some cases, erectile dysfunction-serious.”

The key in this statement is ALMOST. Although the article did not specify which approaches could produce positive results, they were cautious enough to leave some room for correction in the future. As fate would have it, we were able to create a working formula for Biomanix that proves once and for all that penis enlargement is possible with oral supplements.

Obviously, the market is obsessed with size. Over 4 decades of shady size-increasing products have come and go, but none have actually made a consistent result. Our experts studied the hits and misses of all the products that we have come across, and finally cracked the mystery – penis enlargement could only be achieved through a series of processes.

How Biomanix works


3-aThe focus from the beginning was always blood circulation. Healthy blood flow makes a potent erection. The idea is to use the natural process of an erection to create the conditions that would lead to penis enlargement. As simple as it sounds, it was a lot more technical than it is. Several scientists have made amazing breakthroughs in research. Some have actually come close to creating the best results for penis enlargement, but the means to make it happen would appear to be impractical for the common user. Patent US 20050065159 A1 details the use of vasodilators to make penis enlargement happen, and that has been the idea that took over the formula of Biomanix.

Our experts understood that vasodilation alone would not make penis enlargement possible. After all, vasodilation not only affects a specific region of the body. To make penis enlargement happen, the focus of the blood volume and pressure would need to be focused on the penis. This was done by combining vasodilators with aphrodisiacs.

The role of aphrodisiacs is to make the body more responsive to sexual signals that would trigger an erection. The normal process of an erection is to contract blood vessels in the body and dilate the blood vessel that supplies blood to the penis to make an erection happen. In the case of Biomanix, the dilated blood vessels mildly contract, and the dilation of the artery that supplies blood to the penis relaxes even more to allow more blood to flow. This process alone would make penis enlargement possible, but it would take months of consistent use to make penis enlargement happen. To remedy this, Biomanix makes the user experience more erections by shortening the refractory period through hormone balancing agents.

When a user experiences an orgasm, the testosterone levels sharply drop because of the release of Zinc, a key mineral needed to sustain testosterone. Biomanix’s testosterone boosters ensure that the body has enough testosterone, but the neurotransmitters in the brain that prohibit the response of the body to testosterone would make the user numb to sexual signals, especially after experiencing an orgasm. This period is known as the refractory period. Men react differently to their refractory periods. Younger males experience relatively short refractory periods (30 mins-1 hour) and older men experience longer refractory periods, which sometimes even takes as long as a week.

Biomanix has hormone balancing agents that greatly reduce the refractory period to make the user ready for sexual encounters shortly after experiencing an orgasm. Frequent erections speed up the penis enlargement process set forth by vasodilators and aphrodisiacs, which make it possible for Biomanix to achieve genuine penis enlargement in just 2 weeks after taking the first dose.


In a manner similar to inflating and deflating a balloon, it would take lesser effort on your body to create and sustain an erection, and more blood is trapped in the penile chambers as a result. This repeated process makes the penis permanently bigger. No other male enhancement supplement in the market was able to achieve the results that our users got with Biomanix.

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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work?

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